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Step 1: Screw the trucks

The Obsidian trucks are pre-threaded with M1.6 screws. 

Attach the fingerboard trucks to the deck with the eight screws provided. 

Remove the screws and then attach the trucks to the deck. 

Step 2: Attach the trucks to the deck

Always place the screws in the truck before attaching them to the deck. 

Attach the trucks to the deck and ensure the screws go through the fingerboard trucks. If the screws are not tight, the trucks will fall off. 

Step 3: Put the wheels on

Place the wheels on the axles. The wide side of the wheels faces outward.

Place the locknuts with the tool and tighten the wheels to the axles. Ensure that the locknuts are tight but do not prevent the wheel from turning.

Step 4: Attach the foam tape

Remove the backing from the foam tape, as shown.

Step 5: Remove excess foam tape

Use a nail file or fine sandpaper to remove excess foam tape.

Step 6Enjoy fingerboarding

Enjoy your fingerboard to do the tricks, show your skills and join the fingerboard competitions.

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