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About Us


Obsiusfb was established with the vision to further empower fingerboarders, popularize fingerboarding and promote the development of the industry.

With our brand philosophy of art, exploration, and sharing, Obsiusfb independently designs and manufactures fingerboards of high quality and top performance, while further pursuing the fusion with art. Obsiusfb collaborates closely with artists across the world, invites them to create and interpret art from the perspective of fingerboarding, and joins hands with both artists and fingerboarders in the promotion of the sport.

We'll release artists' collaborates fingerboard decks every month.

A minimum of 10% of Obsiusfb's revenue goes directly to supporting fingerboarders around the world, empowering them, building fingerskate parks, and more. Together, we are striving to create a brighter future for fingerboarding.



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