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Premium Pro Fingerboard Deck - Glitch 08

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The Deck:

Professional fingerboard deck made with 5 plies of maple wood.

Street shape deck, 34.5mm*96mm, medium kicks and concave.

Perfectly aligned holes and countersinks that trucks can be easily installed.

Great for all skill levels fingerboarders.



The Graphic:


New bright daring patterns with mind-blowing glitch effect. Trendy, fashionable, nostalgic vibes from the 90s are intertwined with stylish neon accents, and graphic linear patterns reminiscent of marble surfaces. Vivid neon colors and TV noise are beautifully combined in a seamless pattern design of excellent quality and high resolution.

Have graphic on the top and bottom layers.

Top layer(1st layer) graphic:

(Graphic for the 1s layer)

Package contains:
-Fingerboard Deck*1
-Foam Grip Tape* 1

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