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Our newly designed Obsiusfb wheels use premium custom blended urethane so that the wheels are wear resistance, moderately hard and soft.   We adjusted its hardness and kept it to 75D, increasing the friction to get an extraordinary grip on the ground with the squeaking sound.

These wheels contain premium bearings, designer with bearing pocket, are smoother for doing tricks. 

At the same time, we adopted three design appearances, which are all unique and dynamic for rotating.

Our wheels have the advantages of skateboard wheels and are more appropriate for the flexible tricks of fingerboarding.

The fingerboarders could complete more amazing tricks with them.

 Colors may vary slightly in every set due to the blend. 

These wheels contain ABEC-9 bearings, the highest-quality fingerboard wheel bearings which are extremely silent, smooth, and stable operation.

Precision balls reduce the frictional resistance of the bearing through proper lubrication and reduce operating noise. The noise grade is Z4. They don't have free spin but definitely roll unimpeded, and are more durable.

Designed with Bearing Pocket
Material: Custom Blended Urethane

Color: Red&Black
Height: 4.8mm
Package Contains: 4 Urethane Wheels

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Obsius Fingerboarding

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